Wednesday, 13 November 2013


I first heard local rapper Marcel “Moofeek” Dudi back in 2006. I was immediately impressed with the speed and creativity of his rhymes and was even happier to find out he was from St. Catharines. He has since created a name for himself as a valued artist in the city with many supporters. Now, with many years of experience and several mixtapes under his belt, Moofeek is at it again. 
Psy Fly Records presents Moofeek “Max Out” EP available for download November 26. The new EP features original music from Psy Fly producers Deek, Blue Ribbon, BWAER (pairOnormals), and Mr. Cook. Max Out is a fresh take on hip-hop that incorporates modern sounds and techniques. The beats, giving off a sci-fi/futuresque vibe, work together to produce an out of this world sound (literally and metaphorically). No two beats are the same and there is this anticipation to hear how each track changes. Moofeek delivers clever lines with his own distinctive flow. Check out 'Nasty' off the upcoming EP 'Max Out.'

Just this summer Moofeek released “Big Fish” which was a big success. The mixtape featured local artists, including Sese and many tracks produced by Deek. The mixtape was featured on and can be streamed here.

Moofeek doesn’t waste time when it comes to working hard in the studio and creating buzz worthy music. I think someone with so much dedication and passion deserves to be recognized. If you like what you hear come out to the release party on November 26 in downtown St. Catharines or download the new EP. 

Keep your ears open...

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