Monday, 16 April 2012

Coachella 2012- Keeping Music Alive

This year, one of the biggest and most important music festivals, Coachella Music and Arts Festival, is held in Indio, California at the Empire Polo Club. Acts include popular artists, as well as up-and-coming ones and attracts about 75, 000 concert goers. The festival ended its first weekend last night (April 13-15) and still has another set list of performers for next weekend (April 20-22). 
Sunday nights line up included performances and collaborations from some of the greatest rappers in the hip hop scene right now (Snoop, Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, Wiz, Kendrick Lamar)...and even in the past. Let me start by saying that I watched the video of the set list and every minute was amazing and had me wishing that I was there. I have decided that 'attend Coachella next year' or as soon as possible, is officially on my bucket list and it should be on yours. Dr. Dre, looking better than ever and Snoop D-O-Double G owned the show playing all of their classics. They even took the audience all the way back to when they first started together 20 years ago with 'Deep Cover.' 
The biggest highlight of the night is the hologram technology that allowed the rappers to perform with resurrected West Coast homie Tupac Shakur for 'Hail Mary' and '2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.' I have to admit seeing him rise onto the stage in the video gave me the chills and hearing him speak to the crowd and rap just like he was there is unbelievable. It must have been a weird, but awesome feeling for Snoop and Dre to perform in front of thousands with their boy again. There is now a twitter dedicated to the hologram, @HologramTupac if you want to follow. Honestly, if that could be done at concerts, to experience artists that you would never have a chance to see live, I would enjoy it. Maybe digital superstars will be the new thing? 
Music festivals and tours are what keeps the industry alive and Coachella is going strong.

Watch the full set here:
Part 1

Part 2 (Tupac at 32:00)

Article on more details of Coachella.   

Monday, 2 April 2012

The Beat Down Under

I apologize for not posting in the past couple of weeks. My school year came to an end on Thursday, so I was focused on that and now I will do my best to keep up with the weekly posts. So continuing on...

Similar to the scene in Canada, hip hop in Australia began in the early 1980s and has only really began to build in the past couple of years. Other than listening to it on the internet, Australian hip hop is not something you hear on our local radio stations. So why not give you a chance to hear some hip hop from somewhere other than North America.

The first hip hop group I’ve ever heard from Australia was Hilltop Hoods. I also realized the other day that I just missed their show in Toronto Mar. 22, boo.  They are from Adelaide, South Australia and formed in 1991.  Their latest album, Drinking from the Sun, was released on March 9.

Listen to Hilltop Hoods - I love it feat. Sia off Drinking from the Sun album.
Visit their website

I found a great article highlighting another one of Australia’s top hip hop groups right now and the difference between their style and North American hip hop - Bliss and Eso.  They're also the first Australian hip hop act to tour the U.S. Read the article about Bliss and Eso here. Bliss and Eso stated, "We've found real differences when we have toured in North America." "We've found that turntableism and beat boxing is very rare over here, so the crowds always seem to love it when we pull it out in the shows," said Bliss and Eso. (Music video included in article.) Bliss n Eso played on Wed. March 28 alongside Big B in Whistler.

Listen to Bliss and Eso - Coastal Kids from Running on Air album.
Visit their website here.

I enjoy listening to both groups and find some similarities in the music to North American hip hop. However, they bring their own sound and lyrics that are different and I appreciate that. Also, it seems like seeing/hearing one of their live shows would be a great experience.